Horses for courses


My father in law has an age old tradition that started many years ago when his brother forgot his birthday.  As the story goes, the brother was reminded of his lapse in memory whilst they were out shopping and not wanting to lose face, grabbed the nearest card he could find and handed it over.  The card happened to feature an ugly,  googly-eyed horse and from there on, the horse card was sent (unopened and still in its plastic wrapping) back and forth between the brothers for 20+ years.  Until, one sad day, it was lost.  But not to worry, I was asked to quickly sketch a horse as a temporary stand in! 

Horsing around

Richard III

Gosh, I really seem to be neglecting the cartoons whilst I focus on photography. However, I was recently commissioned to do a very specific cartoon that included a) Richard III and a reference to carparks b) an old people’s home c) a library of sorts, and errr d) Elvis!   Don’t ask…

Well, where does one start when they have to cram all of that into a single panel?    I managed it some how, I hope the recipient was happy!  richard iii colour