Last Monday Morning (this is a grumble)

It’s my final Monday Morning as a full time environmentalist! I should be joyous but nothing is different today and I’ve just had the usual Monday morning rant about the utter the lack of response from our Estates and Resources team to get some recycling issue sorted out. My blood pressure is raised, and I have an incredible urge to throw something or crush someone’s head under a big rock

My anger is partly fuelled by the fact that I gave the University an extra 2 weeks notice in my resignation letter hoping they’d use the time wisely and replace me as quickly as possible. My direct line management signed off the job description/person specs etc within the first two weeks and since then, the paperwork has been sitting on the desk of some puffed up, power hungry, tie-too-tight, lazy, S.O.B member of management. 6 WEEKS they’ve had to advertise this, SIX WHOLE WEEKS!!! and nothing! no movement! Zip, Zero, Zilch!

The culprit is the very same guy who said “this institution needs to keep the momentum going -it is an important time for the environment”. My suspicion is that he’ll put it off for as long as possible so he can hang on to some extra cash. It took them FOUR YEARS to replace the last environmental officer with me!

In the meantime, all the projects I’ve been working on will be put on hold, no-one will care, no-one will chase them up and I am SOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!! I shouldn’t care but I do – it’s all been a complete waste of time and I have a good mind to tell them what I think. They are all IDIOTS and the planet will never change because of people like them! As you can imagine THIS is one of the main reasons for leaving it all behind…the feet-draggers! The environment is never a top priority… there is always something more important to sort out…

Since my rant I’ve been pondering one thing. When I’m a student again, will I still get Monday Morning Blues?

1 thought on “Last Monday Morning (this is a grumble)

  1. May be as you are going to be a student at the same institution you can tackle the problem form the pother side…put pressure on them via student lobby etc

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