Sadism or earning your cookie?

So this is it… not sure what I was expecting but I don’t really have any strong feelings about my last day! When I left my previous job, I was a bit choked up. I knew I’d miss my friends, the gossip sessions, the fun and the drawing competitions (obviously not the work) but here, I’ve met a couple of nice people but there isn’t really anyone who’d make it on my ‘top-ten-to-invite-to-dinner’ list or even my ‘how’s-about-a-coffee-over-lunch’ list… ok maybe one or two at most.

Yesterday, I got collared for a farewell presentation. I really didn’t see it coming so was fairly shocked when the entire open plan office gathered around to watch me squirm in hot embarrassment. If you know me, you probably know that on occasion, I quite like basking in the limelight but only when I expect it!

In my last job I’d anticipated a gathering having seen fellow ‘jumpers’ (i.e. people who jump ship, not the woollen things) subjected to various forms of farewell torture including bad poetry, songs and speeches which barely reflect the employee or the work they did.

It seems such a strange ritual to me, why do hoards of people gather to bid you farewell when you’ve never exchanged more than a ‘good morning’ or an ‘excuse me’ in the elevator? I suppose having been on the otherside, there’s some sadistic enjoyment to be had from anticipating how uncomfortable one can get when the cry of ‘SPEECH’ is thrown to the departee then thanking your luck stars you’re not in their shoes. Either that or by participating, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve earned an iced doughnut or choc chip cookie from the table of farewell goodies that the leaver is obliged to buy for everyone.

Oh I’m sooo cynical! How is it I’ve managed to become a grumpy old woman 30years before my time!

But back to my goodbye gathering – they were lucky to corner me at all because just moments before I had been marching towards the door. One of my colleagues practically rugby tackled me to the floor on the pretence that my manager needed to have a word!

I don’t remember much about the speech except the odd ‘thank you’ about my recycling efforts and some sarcastic comment about my mathematical abilities (or lack of)! You’ll be excited to hear the office collection was spent on an ant farm, a marble frog paper weight, some paint-your-own ginger bread men and £20! …hmm an interesting array of gifts… They obviously took no notice of my plea for a golden light switch engraved with ‘Turn it Off’ . Ah well, this weekend, I’ll be off hunting for a queen ant to kick start my ant farm!!

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