Quick roundup

So, really? Five years?!!!! has it been that long since I posted? Well without boring you all, here is a brief round up as I re-invigorate my love for drawing and ranting and generally talking nonsense:

  • The rabbits are deceased. Flopsy caught the lurgy and had to be put down and Clive met an untimely end when he tried to chat to a fox.
  • After a lot of begging, I was finally allowed to have two replacement pets – cats – one of whom died of acute kidney failure, the other who is the bain of my life, is over-weight and irritates me to death – but I still love him.
  • I had a brief stint in a design studio but couldn’t hack the pressure of trying to please someone else when our artistic ideas were so different. Art is subjective and my ego isn’t big enough for the big bad design world. So now I only draw and design on my own terms – or when some nice person decides to pay me.
  • After my failed attempt at being a full time designer, a friend helped me out and now I am a project manager and work from home. It’s not my favourite job as I miss the office gossip over a cup of coffee and the day-to-day commute which is ripe for observational drawing and writing. To top that off, I’m turning slightly insane with no one to talk to except the cat for the best part of the week.
  • The other half is still around but works loooong hours and spends most of her time driving between hospitals. She’s working her way up the ladder…and surely the end is in sight. Consultancy is but 15 months away…we hope.
  • I have become an aunty!

So, now my new found enthusiasm for telling the world my inner most thoughts has officially been announced, here endeth my first post of 2012.

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