10 reasons not to work from home

  1. Even if you start out with good intentions, at some point down the line, you’ll develop a habit of waking up with just enough time to have a cup of tea and catch the end of the breakfast news before dragging yourself upstairs to start work…in your pyjamas.
  2. Your world gets progressively smaller. Every time you leave the house it’s as though you’ve entered another universe (one with people and talking) – even going to the supermarket becomes a mini adventure.
  3. You find yourself daydreaming, talking to inanimate objects, pets or your own reflection for a bit of company. Sometimes you’ll call people for no reason except to hear a voice. Then, when your other half gets home (most likely in need of peace and quiet), you develop verbal diarrhoea.
  4. Physical activity becomes limited to reaching for the on/off button of your computer and walking up and down the stairs to yet another cup of tea or in my case coffee.
  5. Housework can actually be a distraction.
  6. Retired people (and your other half) think you don’t really have a job – you’re ‘in’ so surely you are available at short notice to drive them to the airport, wait for a package or nip to the shop for a birthday card.
  7. Your home becomes your work and your work becomes your home until you don’t know if you’re having a breakfast meeting or just breakfast. That ‘and-relaaaax’ feeling you get when you leave the office at the end of the day is non-existent.
  8. You start to dream up conspiracy theories – ‘everyone hates you’, ‘you’re going to get fired’ or ‘I’m sure they’re all having a meeting without me’. Then, as the paranoia sets in, you become too scared to leave your desk and your computer in case someone calls or sends you an email to which you must respond immediately, or get the chop.
  9. Day time telly sucks (of course I only watch it over lunch, and naturally Facebook, Twitter and the like are reserved for breaks…).
  10. The line between sanity and insanity becomes very, very thin…which is probably why I feel compelled to write a blog and draw pictures of me fighting zombies with a cat for a sidekick.

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