Well isn’t getting old a funny thing!  Yesterday I saw a couple of boys hanging over the fence that surrounds the primary school near my house.  The boys were deep in conversation, gazing wistfully across the playground as children shrieked and laughed during their lunch break.  As I passed by, I could hear them talking

“…yeah I heard it’s gone down hill since then…”
“do you remember when we used to…”,  “I can’t believe it’s been seven years”
 A pause whilst they silently reminisced.
“Seven years?!!! has it really been that long?!  SEVEN YEARS?!”

It made me smile.  18 years old and wondering where the time had gone. 

As my close circle of friends are now predominately in their 40’s, the question of ‘where has the time gone?’ crops up more and more.  I have a few years to go but the little changes are starting creep in. It is fatal inspecting yourself in the mirror – when did all these wrinkles start to appear?  Why is my chin as downy as a mouse’s bottom?  And good God, what’s with all the salt and pepper in my hairline?  I’m only 35!

In my head I’m still an 18 year old. Nothing much has changed except I find myself feeling a little more irritated by the headphone-wearing teenagers who play their music so loud everyone on the bus can still hear it.  I have to bite my tongue to avoid tutting at the students who ruin my quiet drink in the pub with raucous, drunken laughter and too much frivolity!   The idea of a suburban disco for the person that can’t be bothered to go into town, drink until they’re seeing double, queue to get into an expensive club that doesn’t open until 12am, then stagger home at 5am to sleep off a hangover, is actually quite appealing.  

I heard someone on the radio a few weeks ago, she was in her 70’s and said “age is like a train and you’re standing on the platform watching it whizz by”.    I quite agree.  I shall not try to defeat it but I may try to hide it with a cupboard full of anti-ageing balms, night repairing cream, bag busting gels and pots of hair dye…or maybe I’ll just put my feet up, drink a cup of tea and listen to radio 4!

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