40 days & 40 nights

This was the BBC weather news this morning:

“Experts are warning of floods in many parts of the UK, with a month’s rain due to fall in 24 hours…97 flood alerts – which warn people to be prepared for possible flooding – are in place…The Met Office has issued an amber warning urging people to “be prepared” while the Environment Agency warns flooding could be the worst of the year so far with transport links and homes likely to be “severely affected…”

Looking out the window, there is no doubt we are in for a very, very wet weekend – and beyond. It has rained almost constantly for the last 3 weeks and the nation is beginning to wonder whether we’ll ever see the sun again.  We sigh and stoically go about our business, discussing…er..complaining about the monsoonal conditions at great lengths whenever the opportunity arises. We tune into the weather forecast every day hoping for news that there will be a break in the deluge.

I have decided to be proactive, our wet weather gear has been bolstered with new waterproof trousers and sturdy umbrellas.  I may consider buying a boat or perhaps invest in some scuba equipment.

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