L plates are so passe

A friend of mine recently invited me to her hen do.  I am thankful that she stipulated from the outset that she didn’t want any sparkly pink hairbands, wands or L plates.  Hen dos that involve prancing around town in tiaras, pink ‘hen-party’ t-shirts and tutus are cringe worthy. In fact, my friend’s plans to go clay pigeon shooting and learn archery are much more up my street!
Prior to the now renamed ‘stag’ party, each person has been asked what type of bird they would be and why? I’ve been tasked with drawing the responses – it’s a work in progress but here are some of the cartoons likely to make it onto a not-so-pink-and-fluffy hen do t-shirt!

2 thoughts on “L plates are so passe

  1. Ok, from context I understand a ‘hen do’ is a bachelorette party (though I’m still trying to figure out why it would be called that), but what is an L plate?

    In any case, I love the drawings.

    • In the UK, when you learn to drive, you have to display an L Plate on your car! Somehow, it has also become tradition for the hen (bachelorette) to wear one at her hen do….presumably because she’s learning to be a wife??!!

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