Map Schmap!

One of the best things about living in Sheffield is the proximity to the Peak District.  If you’re the spontaneous type (which I am) and fancy a short walk on a sunny summer’s evening, then you can be on the hills within 15 minutes and can walk until sun sets.

Since we’ve moved here, we often head out after work to breathe in the fresh air and wash away the day’s drudgery on England’s green and pleasant land.   In our part of the Peaks there are huge expanses of rolling heathland that intermittently come to an abrupt end where the cliff faces of Stannage Edge or Froggat Edge drop away into the valleys.  The rocky outcrops are a mecca for climbers, walkers, joggers and evening strollers, but if you go late enough, you can find yourself alone in the wilderness with wild grouse, hares, weasels and kestrels for company.

L and I are still finding our way around and we’ll often deviate from our pre-planned route to explore a new path or take in a new vista.  Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for this, coupled with my failure to carry a map every time we go for a walk, often leads to unwanted adventures…

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