Artist’s block and little rewards

It’s hard work keeping a blog.  Sometimes I wonder what it’s all for. Is it for me or is it for them (the inhabitants of the blogosphere)? If it’s for me, then do I really need a blog? I could carry on doodling in my sketchbooks and half-heartedly patting myself on the back if the drawing is passable.

I suffer from chronic self-deprecation which is probably why I never made it on the creative front – I was never confident enough in my own ability and knowing how many extremely talented people there are out there, I found it difficult to find my own little patch.  But on further reflection,  I enjoy drawing and there’s a little part of me that hopes my cartoons bring a teeny tiny smile to someone’s day.    Talent shared (average or not) is happiness gained…I think.  Ooh did I just give myself a compliment?

It wasn’t until this week that I was given a little ego boost when I discovered that people do actually enjoy my work. When someone other than your family and friends says “I like your cartoons”, it makes it all worth it!  And so I must extend my gratitude to the blogger, Michelle who writes for her own blog, the Green Study.  She kindly nominated me for a Beautiful Blog Award – Thank you!  I must now bestow this kindness on someone else, but it will take time, I need to do my research…

Following the slight head inflation, I immediately sat down to draw only to find I had no inspiration. It happens to all of us no doubt.  So what better way to tackle the situation than to draw it.

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