A Brit Abroad

Greece_ToiletsI promised to share more cartoons of my recent Greek holiday and so…  If you’re not a frequent visitor of the Aegean and Ionian islands (or indeed parts of mainland Greece), you may not be aware aware that the sewerage system is somewhat antiquated and unable to cope with anything other than organic matter.  Therefore, every toilet is equipped with a bin into which all non-organic matter must be placed.

This took some getting used to and on several occasions I found myself accidentally contravening the rules of the washroom in a moment of distraction.   I feared for the town as pieces of my paper found their way into the system to clog a rusty pipe or wrap around a vital bit of machinery.  I imagined embarrassing scenarios; a flooded apartment, surly looking Greek men with plungers tutting menacingly and me plaintively muttering “it wasn’t me Gov”.

I found myself chanting ‘PAPER IN THE BIN. PAPER IN THE BIN’ in order to focus the mind and the memory before every trip to the loo.  Thankfully we were all spared the potential messy consequences of my action and on my return to the UK, I vowed never to take our sewerage system for granted.

Next week – encounters with a cephalopod!

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