The Casual Smarts

I’ve been doing some illustrations for a friend at work who has just started a new fashion blog called The Casual Smarts.  We couldn’t be more fashionably different and when we meet to discuss her project, I can’t help but compare my scruffy jumper, rucksack and baggy jeans to her carefully constructed outfit with matching accessories. Terms which were once unknown to me like shift dress, clutch bag, close-toed wedges and designer names such as Antonio Barardi and Barbara Cassasola, now fill my inbox.   A month ago, I could not have picked out a Louis Vuitton Pegase suitcase from a sea of inferior plastic wheeled cases and cabin bags!   Today, I can tell you what a Gavriel backpack looks like from 100ft away! We spent some time discussing whether my cartoony style would bring the tone of her blog down but she asked me to press ahead, which I duly did.   If they get used, I shall certainly share a few – but for a taster, here is her header image!

The Casual Smarts


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