In the beginning…

Just two weeks ago I handed in my resignation after making the decision to return to University as a Mature Student! Now I’m counting down the days before my life changes and I start out on a different path, to a different career and a whole new me!

For those of you who’ve ever had to decide whether to give up the security and comfort of full time employment or face the ‘unknown’ as a poor, beans-on-toast-eating student, then I tip my hat to you. It certainly isn’t easy! BUT I’VE DONE IT – ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!

I can, without a doubt, say this has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, and if it hadn’t been for my long suffering other half, the advice of caring friends and family then this choice could never have been made.

Now, I’m sure there are much bigger, more difficult decisions to be made by other people, in other places with far worse consequences e.g. Blair and Bush sendin’ us to war but sorry, this is about ME me and my decisions, me and my worries, me and my journey…. This is all starting to sound rather egotistical!

Anyway, what better way to let your thoughts take shape than by writing it all down and, hey, if you’re going to write it down, why not let everyone else (and his dog) see it.

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