Short rant – Shaving Closer

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old woman – is it just me or is there something ridiculous about Gillette’s new 5-blade Razor!!? Apparently it shaves 30% closer than the last Mach 3, which in my eyes does legs very well! I mean, THIRTY percent closer!? I just don’t understand! My legs are as smooth as a baby’s bum with the Mach 3 and if the shave got any closer I’d be walking around with exposed muscle.

Marketing is an extraordinary thing – take for instance babies nappies! Every so often you get a new type of diaper that helps your child walk better or crawl better while sucking it dry. They pull up and down, you can go swimming in them, mop the floor effciently… what happened to good ol’ fashioned fold-and-fix-with-a pin diapers? Anyway, if parents aren’t careful, by process of osmosis, they will have a prune crawling around their living room instead of a child.

Interestingly the slogan is always ‘The Best EVER’ – so the last ‘best’ wasn’t ‘best’ at all?? I suppose this is the sort of thing I’ll have to deal with when I’m a fully fledged designer working for a big corporation. I’ll be employed to come up with witty ways of selling a product that nobody really needs because the last one worked perfectly well. I suspect by the time I graduate, Gillette will be marketing the MACH 10-Blade with the slogan ‘Close to the Bone’.


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