Monsters from Socks

I never knew it could be so therapeutic to sit, sewing little creatures out of socks after a long day at work!

I bought my other half a book for Christmas (’05) called ‘Sock Monsters’ but it’s not until now that we’ve opened it with the intention of being creative. I can’t remember who the book is by, but I found this website which gives you an idea of the variety of monsters that can evolve from manky, old, worn socks! We do seem to have a large number of old socks or socks who’ve lost their life long partners but, if you’re like me, you’ll get really excited and rush out to buy the craziest socks you can find at the cheapest prices… Woolworths has done me proud!

I’ve spent the last two days covered in bits of thread and sock oddments, irresponsibly putting my freelance work to one side for several hours of crafty fun!
So, here are a couple of my sock monsters – the picture quality is a little poor but that’s because I used my phone.

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