Feel good

I just spent the last half hour looking through some old artwork and discovered a piece of animation I did at university (the second time round).  I love animation and wish I was better at it but unfortunately, the process is too painstakingly slow for my taste and I have little patience in that department.  I like art that is instantaneous and so even though I have dabbled in oil painting, watercolour, textiles, lino-print, screenprinting etc. they never grabbed my attention for long enough.  As much as I’d like to see my characters animated, I’m afraid I’m likely to stick with the cartoons.

So for laughs, I thought I’d share this dire attempt at an animation – I really am a tad embarrassed but hey, I’ll get over it.  Trust me, it isn’t a master piece and in places it is unfinished, so I have used stills/sketches to show how the story progresses.  Essentially it was a short advert to promote Feel Good Drinks. The character, Brian, hates life and grumbles at everything including the sun, until one day he stumbles across a bottle of feel good and his life is turned around!

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