Risotto nights


I’ve just come to the end of my 365 photography project – a challenging year for creativity. Now that it’s over, I feel obliged to focus a bit more on my drawing so I’m tentatively starting a doodle a day for 2016.  The drawings will be rough and ready and I probably won’t post all of the images, instead, I’ll just share a select few, like this one!




I was tidying my computer files and folders today and came across a very very short introduction to a story I thought I might write.  I’m not really a writer but for some reason I felt compelled to jot it down.  Then, I got writer’s block – wow! I’d never complete a novel! Anyway,  I posted it on Facebook earlier and asked friends to add to it.   One person responded with another short paragraph (see italics), so I sketched a very very quick response!

It all started with a gob stopper and a bag full of kittens. The tiny bundles of fur squirmed and mewed as the canvas rucksack bounced and bumped against his sweaty teenage back. He pedalled harder, feeling his muscles burn with the effort. The sweat sprung from his forehead and trickled towards his eyebrows where it pooled before slipping into his eyes. He blinked and wiped it away with the back of his hand.

“Not much further” he thought as he reached the junction between the old oak tree and the crumpled steel gate. “Not much further and I’ll be safe”.

…but for how long he wondered. He was sure the ring master with his cruel whip would catch up with him soon. It didn’t matter though, all he cared about was saving the kittens. He had made a snap decision to snatch them when he’d seen their tiny sad faces as they stood on each other’s shoulders while trying to roll around the sawdust floor of the big top on a gob stopper.

Thank you Zoe for your contribution.  If anyone else would like to add to it, why not drop your paragraph in the comments!


Gladiators ready?

My friend and colleague and I are currently in a rubbish situation at work. Our two jobs are being reduced to one and we’re being both being interviewed for the remaining post. It’s a horrible position to be in.  Surely it would be better if we could choose our competition event.

Gladiator style?


Sumo suit wrestling?


356 Photography Project – a new site

Hello my lovely followers.  I wanted to let you know that I have decided to set up another blog specifically to display the photographs I’ll be taking throughout 2015.  I thought it would help to make my 365 project official by a) telling everyone about it and b) setting up a proper blog that will generate followers.  I would like to think that having followers will help me stay committed to my endeavour.   A photograph every day for a WHOLE year is a pretty tall order for someone as lazy as I am, so I need support to see me through!!!

With that, if you’re interested in giving me a boost, please hop over to A Snap A Day (2015) and follow me.  Thanks a mil!

Oh and by the way, Munich part 2 is on its way.

Dinosaurs, dragons and guinea pigs

Entertainment in the form of conversation with a two and four year old is hard to beat.  I spent the weekend with my brother’s family and was immersed in a world of dragons, dinosaurs, strange children’s stories about moles with poo on their head, growing crystals, modelling chocolate, kings and princesses, train rides to Africa and much, much more.

It was my nephew’s fourth birthday and 95% of his presents were dinosaur based, right down his birthday cake and dinosaur tattoos.  He told me that dinosaur means terrible lizard and that a t-rex and a pterodactyl merged to form a terrifying flying menace which flies around Edinburgh. To kill a T-rex, you must stab it in the stomach with a sword and run between its legs. I think the first bit is true at least.

My two year old niece on the other hand, is happy making pretend tea and moving beans from one pot to another whilst chattering away in pidgin English.  When she is out and about, she is permanently attached to a toy buggy which she pushes everywhere with great determination regardless of whether it is occupied.  She loves her guinea pig and insists on stuffing carrots in its mouth while it dangles desperately off her tiny knee.  My world seems positively bleak now that I’m back at home.

Holiday UK #8 – The Camel Trail

Camel TrailExcerpt from holiday diary 30th June:

“A leisurely breakfast on the first grey day we’ve had this holiday.  We walked from the campsite and our cosy camping pod at Ruthern Valley to the Camel Trail at Grogley Halt. Onwards to Wadebridge, dodging cyclists and taking in the Cornish countryside. At Wadebridge,  we hired bicycles and pedalled the remaining 5.5 miles of the trail to Padstow. A bit of a mooch around before being overwhelmed by the crowds jostling through the narrow streets, eating pasties, licking ice creams, nipping in and out of galleries and tat shops and generally taking in the atmosphere.  Rick Stein has really popularised this little seaside town much to the locals’ chagrin.”