Dinosaurs, dragons and guinea pigs

Entertainment in the form of conversation with a two and four year old is hard to beat.  I spent the weekend with my brother’s family and was immersed in a world of dragons, dinosaurs, strange children’s stories about moles with poo on their head, growing crystals, modelling chocolate, kings and princesses, train rides to Africa and much, much more.

It was my nephew’s fourth birthday and 95% of his presents were dinosaur based, right down his birthday cake and dinosaur tattoos.  He told me that dinosaur means terrible lizard and that a t-rex and a pterodactyl merged to form a terrifying flying menace which flies around Edinburgh. To kill a T-rex, you must stab it in the stomach with a sword and run between its legs. I think the first bit is true at least.

My two year old niece on the other hand, is happy making pretend tea and moving beans from one pot to another whilst chattering away in pidgin English.  When she is out and about, she is permanently attached to a toy buggy which she pushes everywhere with great determination regardless of whether it is occupied.  She loves her guinea pig and insists on stuffing carrots in its mouth while it dangles desperately off her tiny knee.  My world seems positively bleak now that I’m back at home.

Overheard on the bus

on the busI love people watching on the bus, you hear all sorts.  My other half came home chuckling the other day and told me about this conversation between a mother and her 5yr old(ish) child.  What a bizarre thing for a small child to think of.  Apparently it had the whole bus in hysterics.  I wonder if it is worth spending a week or so travelling around the city, drawing interesting conversations…

Long haul flights

Long HaulWhen I travel, I tend to keep a diary. Occasionally, I try to draw cartoons based on an entry – it’s good practice and provides some inspiration.   This is a reflection on my recent flight from Calgary to London.    I failed to draw the man reading a ‘Guns and Ammo’ magazine who was on the verge of using the baby as target practice.   I did feel sorry for the baby as it obviously wasn’t well.  Its parents tried incredibly hard to pacify it, but the combined experience of being shoehorned into a seat, subjected to the tinny sound of ineffectual headphones from the man sitting next to me AND a crying baby, made for a horrific journey.

What ever happened to that idea?!

I was reviewing some of my older blog posts and came across an enthusiastic entry where I’d waffled on about ‘potentially’ illustrating a children’s book that my friend was ‘potentially’ going to write.  Oh how naive I was to think it might ever make it past the ‘what an excellent idea, let’s do it’ discussion.  The furthest we got was this drawing – the premise was a child who watched too much television.