Mind melt

Recently I have had a series of what can only be described as premature senior  moments.   These range from the usual, I’ve-walked-into-the-kitchen-to-get-something-but-now-I-haven’t-a-clue-what-that-something-is or putting-boiled-water-on-my-cereal-instead-of-milk moments, to more the irritating organisational failures.  Last week:

  • I double booked a couple of meetings.
  • I bought a non-refundable/non-moveable train ticket to Brussels only to discover afterwards that I’m scheduled to deliver a training course in England on the date I’m away.
  • I drove 50 miles up the motorway when my petrol light came on.  After another few miles, I pulled into the petrol station and reached for my purse only to find I hadn’t brought it with me. Unsure whether I’d make it home on the red light, I had to humbly scrounge some money from one of the delegates at my training course.  I’m thankful for small mercies – at least I hadn’t filled the tank BEFORE I realised I had no money. That could have made for an interesting cartoon!

So, either I’m showing early signs of Alzheimer’s (God forbid) or my brain just has far too much information to process.   I hope it’s the latter and suspect this is what happens…