Doggy chat-up lines

dogs chat up linesI’m off to a wedding tomorrow and have been trying to draw some caricatures of the happy couple.  There’s a real art in capturing someone’s personality and features with a simple few strokes. It is not my forte and because things haven’t been going well, I decided to take a break to draw something easier – like dogs!

Nursery rhyme

Cow in orbitI’ve been playing with Adobe Illustrator again.  Whilst making the most of my last few weeks in part-time employment (back to full time in September), I’ve been trying to pick up a few more Adobe tips and tricks.  I’ve been wading through tutorials on Youtube including this one on how to draw a vector pirate skull. This is actually much more comprehensive than the previous tutorial I posted although there a few bits you might want to fast forward to avoid boredom and the incessant pirate music.

The result is a revamp of a cartoon I drew 20+ years ago!   I should really post the original so you can compare, but I think it’s hidden in a drawer somewhere at my parents house.

Overheard on the bus

on the busI love people watching on the bus, you hear all sorts.  My other half came home chuckling the other day and told me about this conversation between a mother and her 5yr old(ish) child.  What a bizarre thing for a small child to think of.  Apparently it had the whole bus in hysterics.  I wonder if it is worth spending a week or so travelling around the city, drawing interesting conversations…

Some days it’s all about the CAKE!

CakeI have a very sweet tooth and can put on weight just by looking at a cake. There’s a voice in my head that is constantly chanting ‘EAT. EAT. EAT. EAT.’ More often than not, it’s chanting ‘EAT CAKE. EAT CAKE. EAT CAKE!’.  I try hard not to succumb to the urge to satisfy my cravings because afterwards there’s a taunting voice chanting ‘FATTY, FATTY, FATTY’.   Sometimes I wish I could just have a great wedge of deliciously moist cake and not feel guilty!


TALKINGI have a habit of talking… A LOT!  My other half who is a woman of few words has described my chatter as white noise.  Yet she has developed a skill where, when pressed, she can relay the first and last part of any conversation, thus creating the illusion that she is listening intently.

Holiday UK #10 – A Romantic Dinner

ship innThis is the last in my series of holiday cartoons.  There is no diary entry for this cartoon but it comes at the end of yesterday’s entry.  After a full day driving in the rain, we decided to dine in the comfort of a local pub at Lerryn, the Ship Inn.  It had Wifi so we spent several hours making up for lost time by updating Facebook, Twitter and checking emails.  Until this point we hadn’t really missed our electronic connection with the big, wide world but on a cold, drizzly evening, we couldn’t resist the temptation.

Holiday UK #9 – Aerial Crime

seagullExcerpt from holiday diary 1st July:

“Parked at the National Trust Car Park at Frogmore (157516) and made our way down to the coast at Lantivet Bay.  The sun was out and the sea was a beautiful turquoise, you could almost imagine you were in the Mediterranean.  On arrival at Polruan, we hopped on a water taxi to Fowey to join the throngs of German tourists and to tuck into a delicious smoked Mackerel and Beetroot Bagel from the delightful Lifebuoy Cafe.  We tried to take our usual “lunch with a view” photo (we have a series of these taken on various walks around the country) when a seagull swooped down from nowhere to grab my bagel.”  

Driving CornwallExcerpt from holiday diary 2nd July:

Windy and drizzling today – what a contrast to yesterday.  After a few false starts we end up on the way to the North Coast.  First stop, Rock. Well, the Rock pier car park for a loo stop.  Rock is a rather posh village on the other side of the estuary to Padstow (you can cross from Rock to Padstow on a foot ferry). The village is dotted with high end clothing stores, restaurants, bistros and cafes… 

…I was unimpressed by the drive to Polzeath – we didn’t really have a destination in mind.  The Bee Centre? Vineyards? Cider Farm?  We finally decide on Lanhydrock where we’ve been before, but in the dark on an impromptu ghost hunt with mum and dad.”